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Only the most truthful news from Ukraine.

Ukraine maidan, Ukraine news, ukraine revolution 2013

The purpose of this site - is to report truthful news from Ukraine throughout the world public from direct participants peaceful protest in the central square in Kiev, Ukraine .

On our website - the most important news from Ukraine .

News published late in the evening , at the end of the day , from 23.00 ( Moscow time ).

This site is owned activists Maidan - that is, the people of Ukraine !
On this site may be published news and opinion , pleasing and unpleasing for any party of Ukraine!
Namely - the TRUTH !

Ukrainian people themselves took to the streets and set up very strongly , but we do not know what will our protests , so we created this site in the U.S. hosting - is a guarantee , now the site is closed Yanukovych government or anyone else.

And also on our website , all who are not indifferent to the fate of the Ukrainian people , it can help PEOPLE (not politicians ) on Independence in Ukraine. Now we need your support very much and condemnation of dictatorship Yanukovych.


Today, January 23, 2014 the official account to receive assistance Maidan (which were open Yuriy Lutsenko) - arrested by the Yanukovych government. On our site continues to receive funds for the Maidan.

Rest assured - your money will go only to the needs of people who are on the Independence and help the affected people specifically . Your money - do not go to the account of Mr. Lutsenko or glass box in the Maidan , we refuse to raise money for future advertising campaign of politicians . We for that in Ukraine has always been an alternative possibility, even when collecting money for the Maidan.

Ukraine maidan, Ukraine news, ukraine revolution 2013 We hope that the opposition has learned from the Orange Revolution, after which the Ukrainian people - just was betrayed (the same opposition victory)!

We hope that if the opposition wins this time, it will make things right for Ukraine and on time.
We believe the opposition once more, but our confidence today with the opposition gets a big advance!
We no longer stand with open mouth and big eyes listening to their "fiery" slogans.
We have learned to think and understand what is happening in our society today.

Ukraine maidan, Ukraine news, ukraine revolution 2013 Ukraine held peaceful protests , but the Yanukovich government does not want to retire . Yanukovych cheating Ukrainian people and the international community ! All said that Yanukovych peacefully without making concessions to the people of Ukraine. He released several activists in Kiev, but now the arrests of activists in other Ukrainian cities , closes the TV channels that show reports from the square in Kiev . In the event of a bloody revolution in Ukraine, the whole responsibility falls on the government of Yanukovych .

Ukraine maidan, Ukraine news, ukraine revolution 2013

Viktor Yanukovych, when I was young, broke the laws of his country, and was jailed. His name was in prison, "Ham" (ХАМ) - which means "bad man" What can you expect from a man with such a nickname? Apparently he was in prison and not respected!

Ukraine maidan, Ukraine news, ukraine revolution 2013

Ukrainian people do not believe President Yanukovych and calls for his resignation!

Stay with us!

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